Risk Management

GMSI is an industry leader in providing creative and customized risk management solutions for Employers, TPA’s and Insurance Companies. We realize that Risk Managers and Environmental Health & Safety Managers face rapidly changing business challenges that require a partner who is able to adapt quickly to meet their needs. Our programs provide flexibility in design while ensuring quality outcomes and cost savings.

We are passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations. Therefore, our customer’s can count on us to make sound, practical decisions. Our customer relationships are built on trust and confidence. We are more than a vendor – we are a partner who cares about the specific needs and successes of our customers. As a result, our customers not only retain us annually but they recommend us to their industry peers.


AirplaneA written Job Task Analysis documents specific, quantified, physical demand measurements of essential job tasks. Digital tools are utilized to capture precise musculoskeletal measurements including, but not limited to: lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing and pulling forces; reaching, bending, etc. Along with the written analysis, a video containing graphic overlays and voice narration may be provided to assist Physicians, Risk Managers, Therapists, and Claims Personnel in making timely and objective return – to – work decisions while enhancing communication between all involved parties. Job Task Analysis’ are conducted on-site at the employer location by Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists. Subject matter experts are interviewed during the Job Task Analysis to ensure comprehensive data accumulation.

Thorough Job Task Analysis’ are an essential ingredient in the development and ongoing success of post-offer; pre employment testing programs and return to work programs.We have provided Job Task Analysis services in the following industries: Logistics, Railroad; Transportation; Beverage and Food Service; Airlines; Maritime; Manufacturing; Special Weapons and Tactics; Energy; Automobile Manufacturing; Federal Government; and Warehousing.


A Job Safety Analysis is a tool used to identify and control safety and hazard issues relative to specific job tasks, process, and/or equipment. The goal of a Job Safety Analysis is to make the parameters of each job as risk averse as possible. The analysis begins with a comprehensive review of each essential job function and process. Each job function is observed and safety issues are identified. Recommendations are provided to correct safety concerns. Controls may be administrative, engineering and/or equipment related.

Along with a detailed written analysis, GMSI provides still shots and/or video that highlight areas of concern. Job Safety Analysis’ drive productivity gains, process efficiencies and contribute to a well rounded safe work environment.


Pole climberAn Ergonomic Assessment enhances maximum work performance by providing solutions to ergonomic hazards that are driven by Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD’s), repetitive motion injuries, and other barriers. A thorough on-site investigation is conducted to identify specific ergonomic hazards and their root causes. Work processes, equipment, and incidents reports are analyzed in conjunction with musculoskeletal risk factors to ensure a comprehensive assessment is completed and enhancement opportunities are discovered.

Our Ergonomic Assessments stimulate employee health and safety, increase productivity, improve morale, enhance job satisfaction and solidify communication channels between management and their employees.


Across all industries, employees with less than one year of service account for over 42% of all injuries and illnesses. Therefore, the ability to make educated, and data driven hiring decisions is critical. The ability to hire fit workers who demonstrate the capacity to perform essential physical demand functions during a pre-employment test is the foundation to a successful hiring and injury management program.

GMSI’s Job Task Analysis services provide quantified physical demand measurements to Post-offer; Pre-employment industry experts. These Job Task Analysis measurements are used by the Post-offer; Pre-employment experts as the basis for developing testing levels for specific jobs in a wide range of industry classifications. The Post-offer; Pre-employment testing results are objective, timely and defensible. The cost per claim average for employers who utilize Post-offer; Pre-employment services has proven to be less than for employers who do not participate in these services.


Risky workEmployers interested in assigning a risk level to their Job Safety Analysis, utilize GMSI’s Risk Hazard Assessments. The basis of a Risk Hazard Assessment is the completion of a Job Safety Analysis. Then, a risk rating is assigned to the task based on the probability and severity of the potential risk. Depending on the level of risk identified, the risk rating is ranked as low, medium, or high. Controls are subsequently introduced to lower the risk level. A “responsibility plan” is developed to ensure that management and employees work together to lower the risk level.

Although all Risk Hazards should be addressed, employers’ resource limitations may not permit all Risk Hazards to be addressed simultaneously. Therefore, GMSI assists employers in establishing priorities so that the hazards with the highest probability of risk are addressed first.


PPE graphic

GMSI assists employers in assessing the workplace to determine if hazards exist, or are likely to exist, which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). If such hazards exist, or are likely to exist, GMSI works with the employer to select PPE that will protect the employees from hazards identified in the risk assessment. GMSI works with the employer to know when PPE is necessary; what PPE is necessary; how to properly don, doff, adjust, and wear PPE; the limitations of PPE; and the proper care, maintenance, useful life and disposal of PPE.