Government and Defense

We provide confidential, discreet, and comprehensive physical demand assessments, consultations, and training for our government, defense, and public servant partners.  Job duties for these professionals are strenuous, time sensitive, and often completed in hostile environments.  Our staff of Government contractors measure extreme physical demands and provide consultative assessments and analysis.

Our client list in this segment includes:

• Firefighters
• Fixed Wing Pilots
• HAZMAT (narcotics)
• Helicopter Pilots
• Maximum Security Prison Correctional Officers
• Minimum Security Prison Correctional Officers
• Police forces
• Railroad SWAT Teams
• Special Agents
• Water Rescue
• Prison Correctional Officers
• Super Maximum Security
• SWAT Teams
• Police forces
• K-9 Handlers
    • narcotics detection
    • explosion detection
    • weapons
    • illicit contraband
    • search and rescue