Information Management


GMSI offers Early Return to Work (ERTW) information management software for its industrial clients seeking a secured internet based solution for assisting occupationally and non-occupationally injured employees back to work. Key Features include:

  • Flexible Business Models for System Implementation
  • Specific Job Descriptions, Job Task Analysis, and digital video for all positions within your company
  • Ability to communicate with treatment team on line for review and approval of job descriptions
  • Ability to integrate Return-To-Work Solutions for Workers’ Compensation and Non-Occupational Injuries
  • Allows for a seamless continuum of proactive services for employee health and wellness and EAP
  • Easy on line access for your Panel Physicians to edit/modify job descriptions that will accommodate your employees
  • Ability to custom design, implement and track results for one or all your locations
  • Private labeling available of entire system
  • Online Reporting
    • tracking number of users
    • cost savings data
    • case statistical reports

See for yourself how this comprehensive ERTW program can expand your claims handling capabilities, reduce your claim costs and build a communication platform that consistently fosters positive results.

“Your program allows a physician to have a first hand experience with the patients work environment”


“The ERTW is based on objective data and reinforces the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words”

-Physical Therapist-

“The ERTW takes the Dr. out of the office and into the work environment”

-Orthopedic Surgeon- 


“The ERTW program allows physicians to overcome the number one obstacle in assessing Return to Work – a clear understanding of the employee’s job.”

-Occupational Heath-
Medical Director